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Ms. Irene Katharina Prinz, who has just checked out from the resort after her 7th consecutive visit to the resort!

Friday, 03 February 2017

Meet Ms. Irene Katharina Prinz, who has just checked out from the resort after her 7th consecutive visit to the resort!

It’s of great pride to all of us at the resort that most of our guests at the resort check out with a plan of coming back to us again in the near future. We strive towards this goal throughout the year and the entire team has been highly successful in creating wonderful experiences for our guests while ensuring the best comfort at the resort.

Our Fully Organic Vegetable Farm

Monday, 02 January 2017

Our Fully Organic Vegetable Farm at Nattika is blooming under the guidance of Farmer Murali and Team.  

The world renowned traditional dance form of Kerala at Resort

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Performance of Kathakali, a world renowned traditional dance form of Kerala at The Nattika Beach Resort.All our guests who could witness this wonderful program were excited about the rich and colorful characters of Hindu mythology performing for them.

A Training session for our Ayurveda Therapists

Sunday, 06 November 2016

A Training session conducted by Dr. Suhas S V for our team of Ayurveda Therapists.We conduct regular training sessions across various fields. Classes normally conducted include:

Glorious Beach Huts on the shore of nattika beach resort.

Saturday, 01 October 2016

The beautiful palm leaf huts right on the lovely golden sandy Nattika beach overlooking the serene beauty of Arabian Sea is one of the most favorite places of our guests to relax!

‘Tholpavakoothu’ – The traditional Kerala puppet play

Saturday, 27 August 2016

‘Tholpavakoothu’, is the traditional Kerala puppet play and it is conducted occasionally at the resort for our guests to witness this wonderful art form of Kerala. The shadows that move across the screen illustrate the tales of that mythical age and the awesome battle wherein evil is vanquished by the mighty Sree Rama, the incarnation

As part of International Yoga Awareness day

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

As part of International Yoga Awareness day ,Yesterday at Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort we had celebrated this special day by creating a unique session for our staffs , which was hosted by our Yoga Master Ms. Nagaveni at our Yoga hall.

The Nattika Cook Book – “Healthy Way to eat”

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Nattika Cook Book is released after a year of planning. Finally here it is the first cook book titled “Healthy Way to eat” released by our talented Chef Joshy. You can look forward to 43 super tasty dishes which are really easy to cook at home in quick time and every dish is printed in English, German and Russian.

Yoga “Nidra” in our Yoga Center

Thursday, 02 June 2016

Recently, our two yoga teachers Nagaveni and Lavanya offer every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday Yoga Nidra in our Yoga Center. In our everyday life, it can happen quickly that our body and our mind become imbalanced.Yoga Nidra, also called conscious sleep,it is a yoga technique that allows through deep relaxation and conscious sleep the access to deep layers of consciousness and can bring mind and body in balance again.

3 recipes for our guests

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Today there are 3 recipes for all guests who have already visited us and miss our ayurvedic food. And of course for those who are coming to visiting us for the first time and like to have a little foretaste. Each of these meal is healthy, quick to prepare and of course the most important:

Herbs & Spices in Ayurveda

Herbs & Spices in Ayurveda

Know more about our monthly tips on how addition of certain Herbs and Spices in our diet helps in your well-being.