Premises Fumigation

Our whole premises are routinely fumigated with Aparajitha Dhoopa Choornam, which is not only a very effective mosquito repellent but a a highly recommended antimicrobial Ayurveda formulation which is clinically proven to be effective against common pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Health is Wealth

A healthy nutrition is just as important as taking time to surround yourself with things that you cherish. Here at Nattika we take good care of all our guests needs. From ‚A’ like ‚Ayurveda’ to ‚Y’ like ‚Yoga‘, we want your treatment to be marvelous in every aspect.

Blog About The Nattika Resort @bulbulonthewing

It is always an honor to work with talented people, and it was an immense pleasure to have the amazing travel and lifestyle blogger Anukrati (@bulbulonthewing) at our resort. To read about her experiences with us, go and check out her blog.