Ayurveda and Yoga

Our Treatment Principles at Nattika

There has been a phenomenal increase in the demand for the specialized therapies of Ayurveda particularly panchakarma, not only for the treatment of diseases but also for preventive & promoting health. As a result many health centers and resorts are providing these therapies but it should be done only by a proper examination, proper planning, and proper guidance. We focus on restoring the natural harmony of your body and mind. During the first consultation at Swastha; our Ayurveda center, our doctors will ask for your medical history and do the examinations based on Ayurveda ( Darshana- Inspection and observations, Sparshana- Palpation, purgation, auscultation, Prashna – Interrogation like general state of health with special focus on your lifestyle, diet, habits, and environmental surroundings)

Based on this assessment, our doctor will try to
  • Try to analyze the imbalanced dosha
  • Discover your body’s constitution (prakriti)
  • Plan the treatments for the specific condition and to remove the accumulated toxins, which is the main cause for most of the problems.
  • Plan the Diet according to the specific imbalance
  • Prepare your body for maximum effect of oral medication.
  • Make recommendations on how to restore your natural balance, which always includes changes in your lifestyle, a particular diet etc.
  • Your Ayurveda Experience

    A precise Ayurveda program will be delivered under the leadership of our chief physician Dr.Hema and her team, including Dr. Regina, Dr. Arul Susan George, Dr. Nitha Gopalan, Dr. Suhas.S.V., Dr. Radhakrishnan, Dr. Shahina M.S, Dr. Ajith KJ.

    The real essence of our Ayurveda Treatments are delivered by our expert team of 51 Massage Therapists comprising of 33 female therapists and 18 male therapists. Our Ayurveda Management team is supervised by Mr. Baiju and Mr Haridas K.

    Our Ayurvedic centre is built in a traditional manner that allows Ayurvedic Principles to foster. There are a total of 16 treatment rooms, two steam bath chamber rooms and four doctors consulting rooms with two lobbies for guests. At our Ayurveda Shop you can buy herbal products and other Ayurveda medicines at the best prices.

    In case you would like to arrange a translator during your stay, kindly inform reservations while making your booking.
    Ayurveda Diet and Medicines
    Your Ayurveda Diet and Medicine are essential in ensuring the correct Ayurveda treatment results. Our Ayurveda Restaurant 'Vapika' delivers the utmost care and services during your stay.
    Yoga at Nattika Beach
    The key to live an effective Ayurveda lifestyle also rests within the power to attain complete relaxation through Yoga and Meditation. Find out more about our Yoga Center 'Moksha'
    Our Ayurveda and Yoga Family
    Meet the team of professionals at our Ayurveda and Yoga Center