Ayurveda Diet and Medicines

Certain Ayurveda Diet details which include your medicine schedule, dietary specifications etc will be passed onto our Restaurant Team who are ready to take care of all your dietary needs.

The doctor’s recommendation is followed closely by our Restaurant team lead by Mr. Kalai and all your individual needs will be attended to. Our exquisite Ayurveda Buffet menu at Nattika is divided into Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. All the food ingredients are farm fresh and foods that assist in healing are widely used in the buffet.

Chef Sebastian and his team have perfected the age old Ayurvedic recipes and you also have a chance to learn them at our live cooking demonstrations every week. To experience the true sense of Kerala classical music and traditional arts sessions are also conducted at our restaurant.

The Ayurvedic medicines play a vital role in your treatment; hence we ensure that the oils and medicines are sourced from renowned Ayurveda Houses.

At Swastha, we also have a separate pharmacy taken care of our Pharmacists Mr. Dileep Kumar and Mr. Unnikrishnan. We are using the Ayurveda products of leading traditional companies like Vaidyarathnam, Arya Vidya Sala- Kottakkal, AVN, KAPL, Himalaya and Guffi for treatments and for Internal Medications.

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