Ayurveda with its origin traced back to more than 5000 years ago, is the oldest system of health known to man. The term Ayurveda is derived from two words ayus meaning life and veda meaning science. Combined together it means 'the science of life.'

The Metaphysics of Ayurveda

According to the Ayurveda theory of the universe, the material universe is evolved from the five basic elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Space. All living and non-living beings, organic and inorganic, are mix of these five elements – with different compositions of each element. When they enter into the physiology of a living organism, human for example, they acquire a biological form. When any of these elements are imbalanced within our body or in the environment, they will influence our health and make us sick.

  • The human being is a miniature form of the universe. The five elements + Brahma( Supreme soul) makes the universe, same way five elements + Atma ( Soul/Inner self) is the human.
  • The rhythm of life on Earth is intimately connected with the rhythm of the Universe.
  • Disease is due to improper cognition/ Perception, misdeeds (Body, Speech, Mind), wrong food intake, an unnatural life style, ignoring one’s particular body type, environment and age. This disturbs the harmony of body and results in the lack of strength, health, and immunity.
  • By establishing the perfect balance between the inner and outer bodies, one can achieve perfect health.
  • The human body has the power to heal itself.

  • Ayurveda is not a magical science which can treat all the diseases and makes the person healthy. Diseases are classified into different categories, like curable, non curable, difficultly curable and manageable in Ayurvedic texts. The experience of our past clients tells us that those who have tried our treatments never went home without any benefits at all – for some it was a complete and miraculous cure, and for others, our treatments helped them more than they had expected. However, by the end of treatment, everyone was able to better understand their bodies and the root cause of their problems and comprehend how alternative healing methods can help them. All our oral medication is purely herbal .We use both Ayurvedic and Yoga practices to work on various levels and there by enhance your physical, mental and spiritual energy. In addition to this, our center is a unique place where you can experience the best of ancient Indian traditions -Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, in an amazing location near the Shore of Arabian Ocean. The energy of this place will help a person to find the connection between the self with universe.

    All views and descriptions of Ayurveda are explained rooted on two theories:


    This theory states that all living and non-living things in the universe is made up of 5 basic elements - Earth – Water – Fire – Air – Space.The different proportions in which these elements combine determine the difference in properties among all substances.

    2. THREE DOSHA – Life energies of the organism:

    The translation of the Sanskrit word Dosha is: “That which easily gets impure and also makes other things impure”. There are three different Doshas, which reflect the five elements of the universe. They act on every cell and organic system in the body as the principle of movement (Vata), metabolism(Pitha), and structure (Kapha). They are essential for all organisms to keep up the life. These three basic principles govern all biological, physiological and physio-pathological functions of the body and also the mind and consciousness. The balanced and synchronized functioning of the three doshas in physical and mental levels creates health and imbalance causes diseases. The decrease or increase of a dosha is understood respectively by the under or over expression of its properties in body or mind. Each individual has his own unique proportion of doshas which he acquires at the time of birth and will prevail till death without much change. This proportion called prakriti determines ones built physical and mental characters, immunity, vulnerability to specific diseases etc.

    Concept of treatment:

    Considering that diseases are caused by either increase or decrease of doshas, there are only two ways to treat them: either by increasing doshas: brumhanam - building up,
    or by decreasing doshas: lamghanam - breaking down.
    Lamghanam could be done in two ways: 1. By suppressing the increased doshas by medicines, regulated diet and activities - shamanam (pacification) and 2. By removing the highly excess doshas out of body - shodhanam (cleaning).

    The renowned panchakarma therapies are methods of shodhana (cleaning) of different doshas.


    are the five (pancha) therapies used for cleaning the highly increased doshas from the body.
  • Nasyam: (nasal purification)
  • Vamanam: (medicine induced emesis)
  • Virechanam: (medicine induced purgation)
  • Nirooham: (decoction enema)
  • Anuvasanam: (oil enema)
  • Raktha moksha: (bloodletting) is also considered as a main cleaning treatment according to some texts.
  • The pancha karmas are done only for those with a high imbalance of doshas and one or more therapies from the five will be chosen by doctors only after carefully considering which of the doshas are increased and to which extent.

    Our Methodology of healing Body, Mind and Soul

    Our treatments are planned focusing on the SHODANA ( Body purification) , SAMANA ( Pacification, RASAYANA ( Rejuvenation) type of managements motioned in the Ayurveda classics.

    SODHANACHIKILSA (Body Purification Therapy) Due to our food habits, daily routines, climatic variations etc; toxins get accumulated inside the body which lead to the imbalance of the tridosha. To get rid of these toxins, body purification therapy based on Snehanakarma, Swedanakarma and Panchakarma are proposed to attain proper balance of dosha.

    SHAMANA CHIKILSA (Pacification Therapy) This is specially done after Sodhana therapy, but also in less vitiation of dosha or when the person is not fit to undergo the purification therapy. Herbal medications are used internally and externally to correct the derangement of functions of Dosha.

    RASAYANA (Rejuvenation Therapy) The various cells and tissues of the body undergo changes as age advances. So it is very necessary to rejuvenate the body systems for a better harmony of health. Aimed at achieving this goal, the doctors plan various treatments to rejuvenate your body.

    Different stages of ayurvedic treatments:

    • The main purification therapies are often preceded by a preparatory phase (poorva karma) which includes administration of medicated ghee and other medicines and different external therapies.
    • This is followed by the main cleaning therapy (pradhana karma).
    • After the main cleaning therapy there will be an aftercare (paschat karma) which is followed for the gradual buildup of digestive power, energy and restoration of doshas in a balanced state. This includes regulations in diet and activities and medicines.
    This cycle may be repeated several times according to the conditions and progress in symptoms. In Ayurveda diet and activity regulation is considered equally important as medicines and therapies. So the entire treatment is overseen by special diets, yoga and exercises specific to body nature, climate and imbalance.