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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Our patron guest, a prolific writer Barbara Kraus penned down her experience of her amazing sojourn at the Nattika Beach Resort on the reputed German health and wellness magazine “Freundin-Wellfit”. We are happy to share it here with all our friends and well-wishers of Nattika.

Traveling into the distance.

Get stronger with Ayurveda

Hours of oil massages, forehead treatments, lot of hot water or Ghee-Potion: Our author has always re-energized, since she was for her first cure in India many years ago

On my 39th birthday I remember having my first Ayurveda cure in the “Coconut Bay Resort “in Kerala. Well, celebrating it rather like in a quiet dream, alcohol-free, vegetarian and with a piece of fried pineapple instead of pie. It was a break, anyway of age, haha, now it goes to 40, or the missed party. There was nothing world-moving, however between oil massages and thermos cans with hot Water that
everyone is dragging around because one has to drink a lot for purification, at least I had understood something. Something of which I still today, after many years, and a total of seven cures (four in India, two on Sri Lanka, one in the Maldives) that it helps me a little being more balanced, happier and above all to be stronger. But one after another:

A three-year before my first course, I had a great job, exciting, combined with a lot of responsibility and even more work. My husband flew professionally around the world and our teenage son danced on techno loudspeakers, instead of learning for his A-levels in other words: stress alert and high-performance claim.

A friend of mine just had tried Ayurveda and was after two weeks India with shining eyes, ten meters of sari-silk and a lot of energy returned. The farther away, the better, she said, the best is where the “knowledge (veda) around the meaning of life (ayur)” is at home. The roots of Ayurveda are in India.
Unlike in Western medicine, the Ayurveda has holistic thinking and deals with all stages of life. It is not just about health, but about being in the moment. Our body, the senses, the mind, the feeling, relations to others, everything, according to the doctrine, it is based on the development of the Consciousness.
An all-embracing biological memory connects nature and man. During an Ayurveda cure, the “bio-Intelligence” is to be stimulated and a healthy balance in the body, mind and feelings are restored. So the theory.

The practice is first of all a switch off everyday noise, including mobile connection, which is in my recent course at the “Nattika Beach Resort” only available in the lounge area. It is about a reset on what is good for us. Sounds easy, feels great with the 90-minute synchronous massages, in trance at the forehead treatment (Shirodhara), with facial and hair treatments.

Nevertheless, it is not a beauty slug. A Panchakarma cure for Rejuvenation is a profound, for some who have only come to take off home a radiant Skin, this is altogether a difficult experience.
Not only because of the bitter herbal medicine or the Ghee-Potion, which are prescribed by an experienced doctor after an anamnesis with pulse, iris and skin diagnosis, as well as the individual diet .
In addition to the classical headache days, which often occurs during detoxification, it is physically demanding for the inner self. Sometimes also intensive touching.

The deepest relaxation feels heavy, leaden like a wet blanket turns the thinking on White Noise. The head is cleared empty. This state of the regeneration I know only from the Ayurveda treatments and the long hours afterwards, which leaves you dreaming on the lounger. From the porch, my view goes into
the expansive palm tree forest of the “Nattika Beach Resort “, behind the trees the sea, the Indian Ocean, at its long sand beach I now could run. From the pool a few voices blow, but actually I see nothing, I hear nothing, I want nothing else, I am without Thoughts and full of sun. It is End of October in Kerala, well 30 degrees celcius and felt 80 percent of humidity.

Dr. Hema, the fine-minded chief physician in the “Nattika Beach Resort”, has diagnosed me as a Vata-Pitta type. Too restless the head, too empty the batteries, too big the desires. The three Doshas Vata (light, airy, creative), Pitta (clear, hot, dynamic), Kapha (let, earthbound, wise) are according to Ayurveda the constitutional type of a human being. It is not a rigid principle and changes with age and
way of life. In Ayurveda, diseases are the Imbalances of the Doshas, and a cure can restore the balance.
My stay at “Nattika Beach Resort “is now three years ago. And I would like to walk again sleepy at 7 in the morning over warm sand to the open Yoga hall, two weeks deliciously Indian food and still lost a few kilos, would like to follow the doctors, who have a lot of knowledge and do funny Head-shaking while pressing the right buttons and telling me to get more exercise, more herbal teas and water, less sugar,
less Meat, more patience and magnanimity into my life. I would like to have my next Ayurveda cure soon.





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