Annual Marriage Celebration @ Nattika

Monday, 30 April 2018

The Nattika Beach Resort had the great honour of making the stay of one of our beloved guests very special by creating “moments of magic”. First of all, for two dear souls on their annual marriage day we organized a special dinner at our “VaPiKa Restaurant” followed by a romantic setup at our small yoga hall right next to the sea. In this extraordinary setting they could listen to the dream-like sounds of the Sithar player (authentic&traditional Indian instrument) as well as the more distant sounds of nature and the sea in the background.

Besides, with regards to our holistic philosophy here at Nattika encompassing body, mind and spirit, our yoga master “Guru Prasad” conducted a special ceremony where both guests sat silently in meditating pose chanting mantras in front of candle light. These mantras taught by our yoga teacher according to ancient history will successfully lead the path to a                                                                                                     prosperous and healthy life filled with Peace, Happiness and Joy for years to come.

The Nattika Team always strives for creating such memorable experiences and delivering exellent service performance. For us, making our Guests happy fills us with great pride and honour.

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Herbs & Spices in Ayurveda

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