Beach cleaning activity

Sunday, 25 August 2019

As an eco-friendly resort with continuous efforts to raise awareness around coastal environment issues, The Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort organizes special activities to support the restoration of the Nattika Beach and the surrounding areas of the resort’s public beachfront as a contribution towards a better future environment.

We had our second schedule of beach clean-up activity on 22nd of August which saw a huge turnout in terms of participation from both guests & staff. This time it was led by our chairman and managing director Mr. Ranjit Mathew.

As part of our community relations programme, we carry out voluntary beach clean-up activities on a regular basis (in our case, once a month) in which not only our guest and employees can participate but also anyone who wants to help preserving our highly valuable environment could feel free to join our next beach cleaning campaign.


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Herbs & Spices in Ayurveda

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