Black Pepper

Thursday, 01 October 2015

Its October – It is the Autumn season in Europe and a time where a lot of people get a cold or some fever. Black Pepper is the perfect medicine to avoid this diseases. It relieves cold, bronchitis, sinusitis and much more.

Scientific name :Piper nigrum Linn.

Family: Piperaceae

Useful part: Fruits

Sanskrit name: Maricham/ Ushnam

 Ayurvedic properties:

  • Reduces kapha and vatha
  • Good for fever
  • Anti asthmatic.
  • Relieves cold, bronchitis, sinusitis.
  • Anti toxic
  • Anti spasmodic – good for arthritis.
  • Anti helminthic.

Commonly used spice in Indian dishes. Black pepper act as a stimulant, carminative – good to relieve bloatedness, indigestion, distaste, low appetite. Black pepper is an important ingredient in most of the ayurvedic formulations for upper respiratory illness – chronic bronchitis, asthma, hiccoughs, rhinitis and sinusitis. Externally it is used on skin to relieve pain and as a stimulant to skin. It has a property to resist poison . Pepper is anti helminthic – has wormicidal property. It has aphrodisiac property as well.

 Some drawback :

Over intake of black pepper can be unsafe during pregnancy and also can cause gastric irritation to people who are more prone to acidity.

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