Tuesday, 01 March 2016

March the month when spring in Europe is coming and the first sunny days are there. Everybody is happy and is looking forward to the first spring flowers – a time when our body feels fit and  awake after a long winter and also a time when we do too much exercises. In this time we always can need a medicine which reduces pain and swellings in our whole body. Fenugreek has the properties and is also a natural aphrodisiac. Dr. Nitha Gopalan our diet doctor here at Nattika Beach Resort will explain you all the properties of fenugreek.

Scientific name: Trigonella foenum Linn.

Family: Fabaceae

Useful part: Seed, leaf

Sanskrit name : Methi/ Methika

Ayurvedic properties :

  • Reduces Kapha and Vatha.
  • Diuretice, reduces swellings.
  • Reduces body heat and relieves fever.
  • Good for gouts.
  • Anti diabetic.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Act as galactagogue.



Fenugreek is a plant coming under the Fabaceae family which is the group of most peas and beans. The leaves of fenugreek are used as a vegetable and seed as spice. It is used in Ayurvedic medications also. Fenugreek reduces Kapha and Vatha. It is light and hot in property.  It acts as a diuretic and helps to reduce swellings. It reduces the body heat and stimulates the hormonal functions of the body. It helps to increase the breast milk production. It is advisable in Vatha diseases. It improves the cardiac muscle function and also good for gouts. Fenugreek helps to control the blood sugar level. Reduces fever and kills the intestinal worms.


Some drawback:

Fenugreek is safe in moderate quantities in food and medicines. Over intake can be troublesome especially in pregnancy since it increases uterine contractions. It easily reduces the blood sugar levels, so the diabetic patients should be careful in taking fenugreek in overdoses when they are on medications for diabetes.



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