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July means hot summer days in Europe a time when a lot of people have troubles to digest their food in a proper way. Asafoetida is a herb which helps you to relax your stomach and to improve digestion.

Scientific name: Ferula asafoetida Linn.
Family: Apiaceae
Useful part: Resinous exudates of root
Sanskrit name: Hingu

Ayurvedic properties :
• Reduces vatha and kapha.
• Increases taste and appetite, digestive.
• Strong carminative
• Nervine tonic
• Expectorant – relieves cough, dyspnoea
• Antispasmodic- relieves aches and pains.
• Laxative
• Anti septic and Anti helminthic.
• Good for eyes.
Asafoetida is used in Indian dishes and in ayurvedic medications. It is a strong carminative – relieves bloatedness, abdominal discomfort and improves digestion. It is included under the herbs which are acting as nervine tonic. Due to the influence on nervous system , it is used in the conditions like cramps and convulsions.
Asafoetida helps to loosen the phlegm from lungs and helps to expel it out. So this is very helpful in Chronic bronchitis, cold, asthma, cough, congested mucous. It can stimulate menstruation. The laxative property helps to relieve constipation. It has anti septic and anti helminthic properties and thereby very useful in intestinal worms.

Some drawbacks:
Asafoetida can increase pitha. Due to this property over use of asafoetida can have a negative effect in bleeding disorders, Inflammatory bowel disorders and pregnancy.

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