Tuesday, 18 August 2015

August is the time of the year when you calm down a little bit and can breathe through again. Holidays have arrived and a lot of people can now relax. The best time for cloves – a medicine which improves your lung capacity and which is helpful in dental diseases.

Scientific name:Syzygium aromaticum Merr. & Perrie.
Useful part:Dried flower buds (cloves), Oil
Sanskrit name:Lavangam
English: Cloves
Russian: гвоздики
German: Nelken
French: clous de girofle

Ayurvedic properties :

•Reduces kapha and pitha.
•Increases taste and appetite.
•Increases lung capacity.
•Relieves Bloatedness, colics.
•Useful in dental diseases , bad breath.
•Relieves hyper acidity and thirst.
•Good for eyes, cough, hicups, skin diseases.

Clove is an aromatic flower bud which is used in Indian dishes and ayurvedic medicines. Cloves are specially useful in dental disorders. The oil as well as flower bud is used as a local analgesic for hyper sensitive dentlines and dental caries. Also helpful in bad breath. Internally cloves act as a good carminative – relieves bloatedness, gastric irritation, loss of appetite. Cloves are used in medical preparations as well as drinks which helps to cure hyper acidity and thirst. It has a property to increase lung capacity and thereby it helps in asthma, dyspnoea, cough. It has strong anti- infective – anti- helminthic property., so useful in intestinal worms.The oil has a property to kill even the bacteria responsible for cholera. In general it is useful in general debility, aches and pains, infections, dental diseases, skin diseases, cough, diarrhoea, vomiting, in ophthalmology. Also, as a spice to add flavor in the dishes.

Some drawback :
Cloves usually causes no side effects. However heavy use of clove oil can irritate the mouth tissues specially in children.

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