LLYoga sessions

Thursday, 19 December 2019

During your Ayurveda sojourn you are able to experience the unique classes curated by our guest yoga teacher Ms. Laura Lenhardt – LLYoga.

Explore the power of your yoga practice through profound breath work and healing asana sequences to awake your curiosity.

Laura who comes from Germany, has been mentored by Carl Faure and Calli Poppham at Stretch London as well as yoga icon Ana Forrest in Berlin. Her classes combine playful and flowing Vinyasa sequences with a strengthening and grounding Forrest Yoga practice.

A healing manner of practicing yoga that is suitable for all ages, types and moods.
Introduced to yoga through her passion for singing, she discovered the empowering combination of yoga and meditation for deepening the body awareness and focus.
Her classes are well known for combining such internally focused practice that emphasizes to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life. With a modern and holistic approach of a physically intense yoga practice, she is looking forward to bring a profound therapeutic value for our guests.

The LLYoga sessions begin ‪on the 5th‬ ‪of January 2020‬ and will ‪end on February 9th 2020‬.

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