Mother’s day celebration

Monday, 14 May 2018

The Nattika beach resort celebrated Mother’s Day with grace and divinity by paying homage to both motherhood and Mother Nature. On view of this occasion a sacred ceremony was conducted at the beach by Yogacharya Jayadev Guruprasad with our guests, overlooking the Sea and the flowers were flown in the seawater followed by a brief prayer commemorating all our mothers and our eternal mother nature for all of its beautiful creation. It was a sanctifying moment for all guests who were present at this consecrated ceremony
Speaking on the occasion, Yogacharya Guruprasad said “The best thing we can do for mother Nature is to help raise the consciousness of humanity by working as hard as we can in selfless service and inner self development. Also cultivating a strong connection to the earth and nature is honestly the most important practice everybody should follow. It’s the foundation for everything. If we want to create anything, become a devoted child of mother earth. Worship her in all ways and she will provide you with an endless stream of energy and universal love. It’s really that simple. As sentient beings we have a limited amount of energy and power. Awakening to the strong connection you already have with mother earth gives you access to an unlimited flow of energy and is the ultimate reminder than we’re never doing anything alone. We are always, always, connected.


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