Nattika Organic Vegetable Farm

Monday, 04 December 2017

Blessed with fertile soil on a seabed and doused with fresh tropical rain showers, Our extensive organic farm offer the resort kitchen a host of fresh vegetables and fruits which are used for some of our delicious dishes in the Vapika restaurant.

The garden is situated outside the resort premises and it takes only a few minutes of walking to reach the beautiful garden full of familiar and maybe for you unknown and new vegetables.

Discover where the ingredients of our tasty food is grown and farmed and what exactly you will be finding on your plate hidden behind beautiful Indian names.

We will arrange a visit on Wednesday at 4 pm, and if you want to choose another time please contact the reception directly for conducting the visit.



Herbs & Spices in Ayurveda

Herbs & Spices in Ayurveda

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