Onam festival celebration

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

With the rains bidding adieu, the entire state of Kerala celebrated the Onam festival with vigor and joy. Celebrated over the course of 10 days during the first Malayalam month of Chingam (August-September), this vibrant harvest festival marks the homecoming of King Mahabali. Legend goes that the spirit of the mythical demon king, who ruled in ancient Kerala and was loved by people for his generosity and virtue, returns to Earth once every year at the time of Onam.

To commemorate the occasion and to offer our guests with rich glimpses of the pristine culture of Kerala, the Nattika beach Ayurveda Resort got itself immersed in euphoria bringing some extravagant festivities for our guests and staff. This time the festivities lasted for two days and were held in much grandeur and zeal.

On the first day we had the traditional ‘Onam Kalli’, the conventional games which had
both staff and guest participating together in full energy and enthusiasm. Later we had an amalgamation of the three Indian classical dance forms performed by the artists from the esteemed school of fine arts- ‘Kerala Kalamandalam’. The highlight of the events were the traditional Kerala folk dances ‘Thiruvathirakali” performed by our lady associates of Ayurveda and Front Office separately in different variations and style.

The next day we had the pookalam (floral carpet) competition, a multihued display of
floral carpets prepared by the associates of every department. The guests were invited to do the assessment and judge the winner for the best pookalm displayed at the resort. Finally the celebrations ended with a sumptuous traditional 18 course vegetarian meal ‘Onam Sadya’, served for our guests at the Vapika restaurant.

Overall , it was a memorable experience for all of our patrons and associates who were able to feel and sense the traditions of Kerala in all its glory & pageantry during these two days.

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