Tennis training session at Nattika

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

In accordance with our corporate social responsibility approach here at Nattika Beach

Ayurveda Resort we not only try to create local employment opportunities by giving jobs to

the communities around the area, but also additionally involve in many social activities . One

of such activity is conducting free tennis coaching for the underprivileged kids from nearby

areas and local villages. This free training sessions are conducted with the primary intention

of encouraging the kids to engage in a meaningful free time activity that promotes both

physical and mental fitness. Our guests are also invited to participate in this training session.

By this training session we aim to spread Happiness and Joy as well as promoting the daily exercise to stay healthy and vital. On the other

side,our guests are able to interact with some local kids and let their inner child go loose leading to an overall psychological wellbeing.

Ofcourse, one can also develop his/her tennis skills under the guidance of our professional tennis instructor.


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