The Monsoon Season – “Varsha Ritu”

Monday, 18 June 2018

…During “Varsha Ritu” (June – September) all our 3 Doshas are aggravating. Thus, we become highly vulnerable to all sorts of health problems.

Typical Vatha diseases include: neurological pain, back and joint pain, stiffness

Typical Pitta diseases include stomach and digestive problems, skin problems

Typical Kapha diseases include: hav fever, bronchitis, sinusitis, cough

…The immune system along with our vitality called “Oja” gets weakened and is decreasing. According to the holistic approach of Ayurveda, balance of the “Oja” will be restored, leading to Happiness (mental), Nourishment (physical) and Strength (immunological).

…Less pressure & tension for our body regarding extreme differences in temperature as well as humidity leads to faster adaption of our body before undergoing any curative treatments.

…Experience the sound & touch of nature’s most dominant element during this time: WATER! You will be filled with a sense of calmness and quietness around you, moving to an inner & more personal attention.

…Regard the monsoon as a time of introspection and a period, which through nature’s support is ideal for Yoga, meditation as well as Panchakarma treatment!

…Establish a powerful and dynamic yoga practice in cool climate under the guidance of our well adversed Yoga Master “Guru Prasad”.

…The pores of our skin are opened to a maximum extent and particularly receptive for herbal oil massages and therapy.

…As a side-effect of the high humidity, our skin becomes young and fresh, toned and wrinkle-free without use of additional cosmetics! Besides, not only our body, but also our mind becomes open for the slow, caressing & mystic healing powers of Ayurveda.

Short summary

The moist qualities of monsoon help soften and ripen the physiological elements of our body during the preparatory phase of our Panchakarma Treatment involving snehana (oil application) and swedana (sudation treatment).  When these vital body elements are well prepared, soft and pliable, elimination of toxins and excess of doshic energies takes place in an easy, effortless and complete manner. Hence, the condition and overall resistance of our body is fortified and enhanced immensely.

But best of all is the natural invitation of monsoon to surrender to our excesses and our toxins.

Get your body a Treat and experience our transformative Detoxification and Rejuvenation treatments.

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